Illustration: Petra Fohringer


anjanita (2020): Rosalía y Flamenco. Linz: Pink Flamenco

anjanita (2016-2019): Flamenco blog German, Flamenco blog Spanish

anjanita (2016): El papel del Flamenco en la obra de García Lorca. Sevilla: Museo del Baile Flamenco/Flamenco sapiens

anjanita (2014): „Cristina Hoyos und das Museo del Baile Flamenco“, in: Anda. Zeitschrift für Flamenco 116, S. 34-37

anjanita (2014): „Rafaela Carrasco und der Concurso de Cante Jondo“, in: Anda. Zeitschrift für Flamenco 113, S. 20-21


Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich (LMU) (DE)

University of Seville (US) (ESP)

Centro Andaluz de Documentación del Flamenco, Jerez de la Frontera (ESP)


Flamenco Dance Museum „Museo del Baile Flamenco“, Seville (ESP)


English subtitles for the DVD Manifiesto en favor del flamenco. Por María del Mar Moreno y Antonio Malena, Edition „Flamenco y Universidad“ (2017)

English subtitles for the DVD El Naufragio. 30 años de memoria sumergida (2018)

German translation for the website of La Cultivada, an Andalusian family-run farm, specialized in particularly exquisite, extra virgin olive oils in organic quality (2019)


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“It had to be a German who studied flamenco from a philological perspective and sings with passion, Anjanita, who wrote the first book that analyzes the work of the singer [Rosalía] that everyone talks about.”

(Álvaro Romero Bernal (2020): “¿Quién comprende a Rosalía?” in El Correo de Andalucía)

“In the Flamenco Dance Museum she tells visitors about her knowledge of traditional Andalusian music. […] the connoisseur with a strong voice. With a strong voice that can be very tender in the next moment.”

(Walter Pfister (2018): “Spaniens Schönste” in Ärztliches Journal, 5-2018)

“The two guitar players Martin Mayer and Bruno Chmel, who always provides his excellent CD introductions for the [magazine] ANDA, and the young singer Anjanita actually managed to sing without a microphone and that in a crowded restaurant.”

(Sarah Estermann (2018): “Festival.Flamenco.Kultur.Park.Traun: Tiriti Traun, Traun, Traun…” in Anda. Zeitschrift für Flamenco, N° 139)

“Congratulations to the author and promoter Cristina Hoyos, (Flamenco Dance Museum), for an original approach and a demonstration of the universality of flamenco.”

(José Cenizo Jiménez (2017): “A(j)ondando en Federico”, in